Quality and hygiene/safety control

Our delicious cakes, cupcakes and cookies must be safe by all means. We maintain strict standards and to always maintain a safe environment, we maintain quality and hygiene control. All of Irresistible Cakes products are nut free, lactose free, trans fat free and free from all animal-derived products (except for egg), like gelatin and meat. Our cakes are very soft, moist and mouth watering!


Quality Control and Inspection

Irresistible Cakes always focuses on the quality of products. Proper process control and fine ingredients are helping to continuously improve our quality. We are improving our system by analyzing root causes, brain storming programs, proper preventive and corrective action plans. We reduced nonconformities by introducing our strong quality system and training to our staff. Our in-process and final product inspections leads towards zero defects of our products. We also introduced many techniques to improve our system like Kaizen (improvements) by encouraging all employees to participate, 5S (housekeeping) and Cause and Effect Analysis (Ishikawa Diagram).

Our quality inspectors check the quality of all pickups or delivery cakes- ensure QC Passed stamp on the box.

QC Passed stamp by Irresistible Cakes

Nut Free Facility

Our facility is completely nut free. All our fine ingredients are free from nuts, including peanut. Our favorite flavors, Hazel Nut Expresso and Chocolate Baci are also free from nuts!


As per first-ever nationwide study, one in every 13 Canadians suffer from a significant food allergy with nut allergy being the most common. About 2.5 million Canadians (7.5% of the population) suffer from food allergies.

This includes:

1.93 percent with a peanut allergy;

2.36 percent with a tree nut allergy


Lactose Free Crusted

Our special crusted is prepared in our facility with a special recipe by controlling stick process parameters. Our crusted is very popular and no one can beat our quality and special taste. We use lactose free milk instead of normal milk.


Lactose intolerance is the inability to digest the milk sugar lactose, causing gastrointestinal symptoms of flatulence, bloating, cramps, and diarrhea in some individuals. This results from a shortage of the lactose enzymes which break down lactose into its simpler forms, glucose and galactose.

As per Global Lactose Intolerance Statistics, approximately 33% of people are lactose intolerant, although some 75% of adults exhibit decreased lactose activity. As per Canadian Digestive Health Foundation, lactose intolerance affects more than 7 million Canadians. This is likely an underestimate as many individuals do not associate their symptoms with lactose-containing foods or do not experience symptoms.


Trans fat free Ingredients

Trans fat is a type of fat found in foods that increases our risk for heart disease.

In our cake mixes, butter cream and crusted, we always use polyunsaturated or monounsaturated oil or fat. We use canola oil and shortening made from vegetable oils without any hydrogenation. We never use highly saturated butter or any hydrogenated products. Our products have zero trans-fat or zero cholesterol.


The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended that the total amount of trans fats consumed per day should be less than 1% of your daily energy intake. According to Health Canada, Canadians’ consumption of trans fats has declined by 40 percent over the past decade (from 8.4 g per day to 4.9 g), but many Canadians are still eating too much trans fat!


Free from Animal Derived Products and Alcohol

All of Irresistible Cakes products are guaranteed free from all animal-derived products (except egg). Our products are completely free from gelatine, meat and alcohol. For your information, our Rum flavor is also free from alcohol! Our eggless cakes / vegan cakes are free from eggs.


Food Safety and Hygiene

We maintain the hygiene control system in our work area where all points (contamination sources) in the process that may lead to problems, such as food poisoning, are focused on, so that accidents are prevented and the situation is improving.


We maintain a proper hygiene system with a proper method of hand washing, sanitation, cleaning of utensils/equipment and proper process control parameters.

To control over-contamination of foreign substances, we introduced the application of a hairnet, control over the use of pins, clips etc.


There is no limit of improvements. Your feedback is very important to us. We value and appreciate receiving your compliments, suggestions or complaints so that we can improve our services and quality. Please feel free to email us at info@icakes.ca.