Unique Wedding Cake Traditions from Different Countries – Part 2

In our last blog, we covered several interesting wedding cake traditions from around the world. We would like to continue the topic in this post. There are just so many interesting to cover!

In this post, we will be covering wedding cake traditions from Jamaica, Russia, Norway and the Appalachian Mountains:-

  1. Jamaican – In Jamaica, traditionally the cake is not eaten, but thrown at the bride to signify fertility. Any traditional Jamaican wedding cake is dark in colour, owing to its rum components which are stored for about a year before the cake is made. This ensures that the fruits and bread will be moist and strongly flavored.
  1. Russian – Russian weddings have as a tradition, couples biting into a piece of round loaf, symbolizing health, prosperity, fertility and long life. Whoever takes the bigger bite is said to be the person ruling the relationship in future. The loaf is puffy and ornate, as it’s decorated with figures like pets, pigeons, ears of wheat, images of star, sun, flowers andThe wedding cake has mostly supplanted the loaf. Shaped as a flower basket, this cake promises love. Happiness when it is shaped as a horse shoe. When shaped as a pyramid it promises virtues of living together. Served customarily on an embroidered towel or a velvet edged tray, the cake is distributed to guests when the wedding ceremony ends.
  1. Norwegian – In Norway, the bride and groom can ask friends to bring the cake for their wedding. Cream cake, cheesecake, almond cake, chocolate cake and Kransekake are the various kinds of cakes available.The Brudlaupskling, is a cake covered in a mixture of cream, cheese and syrup folded over and cut into squares. Its composition dates to a time when it was very hard to find white flour on Norwegian farms.
  1. Appalachian – Stack Cake is a wedding tradition from the Appalachian Mountains. At the wedding, guests, family and friends are expected to each bring in a layer of apple cake, with apple butter in between each layer and dried apples.An alternative was to bring in a layer made of molasses cookies, which looks like a cake. Appearing mainly as pancakes, the bride’s family would combine it with a spiced apple filling from thinly sliced dried apples.

Wedding cakes have long stood as a symbol of love and well-being in weddings. It’s no wonder that so many cultures have their own version of a wedding cake. These have been four more examples of wedding cake traditions from around the world. Let us know your favourite traditions in the comments below!