Unconventional Uses for Chocolate to Make You Love It Even More

Chocolate-  In today’s day and age, you would be hard pressed to come across someone who hasn’t tried it in some form or another.

Since its humble beginnings, it has grown into a world-wide staple ingredient amongst pastry chefs creating decadent desserts, home bakers, and world-class chocolatiers. 

Although undeniably delicious as food, chocolate has found its way to being used in some unconventional ways. Here are some of the more interesting uses for it today.

Dental Benefits –You’ve been told by your dentist to avoid eating candy to avoid cavities. However, in the last decade, research has found that an extract in cocoa can be just as effective as fluoride when it comes to fighting cavities.  You shouldn’t trade in your toothpaste for chocolate just yet, as we are still some ways away from incorporating chocolate into our oral hygiene routines. 

Helps Protect Your Skin from The Sun—With occurrences of skin cancer on the rise, so is the number of people looking for protection from UV rays. Recent studies have found that long-term consumption of unprocessed dark chocolate, which contain high amounts of flavanols, can help protect skin from sun damage. It’s important to note that most commercial versions of chocolate do not contain these flavanols.

Spa Treatments –In its unprocessed form, dark chocolate has health benefits. So, it was only a matter of time before a big name in chocolate, such as Hershey, incorporated chocolate into spa services. At The Hotel Hershey, patrons can indulge in whipped cocoa baths, chocolate fondue wraps, and many more chocolaty treatments. 

High Fashion—Every year, top designers from around the globe partner up with chocolatiers at the Salon Du Chocolat . The partnership results in a yearly Chocolate Fashion Show, where exquisite chocolate inspired outfits are debuted. An interesting fact about chocolate is that it melts at just below body temperature. This makes the ability to create and wear these outfits even more impressive.

The Aztecs probably had zero idea that the fermented cacao beans they utilized, would evolve into one of the most widely recognizable ingredients in the world.  Anyone who has ever enjoyed a delicious piece of chocolate cake has benefited from the centuries of chocolate refinement. Whether braving new uses for it, or indulging in a bar of milk chocolate, one thing that is certain is that we are grateful that someone once fermented and tried cocoa beans.