Secrets to Making Great Tasting Fondant

Fondant is one of the most versatile methods for decorating cake. It can be used to create flowers, cut-outs, objects and even figurines. However, fondant has never been famous for the great taste it provides. For many people, it’s simply a sugary shell which must be peeled off to get to the delicious buttercream. What many fail to realize is that it’s really easy to make it full of flavour. Here are some suggestions to make your fondant taste as good as your cake looks.

  • Essences and Extracts

This is definitely one of the quickest and easiest ways of adding flavour to your fondant. All you have to do is knead in a few drops of flavour at a time till the taste is just right. Its easier adding more flavour than to remove it. Taste test as you go until you achieve the desired result. While choosing the ingredients, stick to essences and extracts. Avoid anything labelled “flavouring” as they might just give the fondant a slight chemical taste. 

  • Vanilla Bean Paste

Vanilla is one of the most popular flavours used to bake cakes. It’s a good thing since vanilla practically goes with everything. Vanilla bean paste can easily be added to give a creamy yet subtle taste to the fondant. It can even be added to chocolate fondant. Fondant also gives a very fancy and gourmet look to the cake. Adding a teaspoon at a time to your recipe is the best way to go about it.

  • Naturally Flavoured Powder Sugar

If you’re one of those people who likes making their own fondant, naturally flavoured powdered sugar is a great option for you. The easiest method is to substitute the powdered sugar called for in the recipe with the flavoured one. Naturally flavoured sugar can be purchased online or you can even make your own. They can even be found in stores that sell baking materials.

  • Rolled Buttercream

You can make your own rolled buttercream by simply rolling it out, like a fondant, and using it to cover your cake. It’s made with the same ingredients as buttercream, except cornstarch is added. One of the best things about this method is that you can add concentrated alcoholic flavours or reduced cocktails into the syrup. This is impossible with fondants because any form of an alcoholic additions will make the fondant really sticky.

  • Fruit Flavour

This is a super handy technique for adding flavour to your fondant. You can choose to make your own fondant or you can add a little bit of fruit powder. Using fresh fondant provides optimum flavour to your cake. You can mix in different flavours to create new and authentic recipes. The possibilities are endless. Flavoured fondant gives an edge to your already delicious cake.

Applying these secrets while making delicious fondant is sure to make you win some brownie points. These tips are from the pros of baking. Apart from these special additions, your love and warmth will make the fondant taste even better.