Lavish Cakes for Your Next Event

You’re running late for your friends child’s Baptism. You enter the church communion hall and automatically get drawn to the dessert table. You are mesmerized by that amount of detail that was put into the cakes and everything looks mouth watering. These are the types of cakes everyone wants at their events. There are many types of lavish cakes, such as:

  1. Mosaic Wild Animal Cake: A mosaic animal cake is excellent for many events. This cake has a geometrical shape and made out of tinted butter cream icing. The most exciting part is that it can be created into multiple shapes and sizes.
  1. Black and White Fondant Bow Cake: A cake with a large fondant bow is very eye-catching and will surely please your guests. Take this cake to the next level by implementing Gold Pearl Dust on the interior of the fondant to add a hue and make it look more appealing.
  1. Finding Dory Cake: The recent rage in the cake world is the Finding Dory Cake. Embedded with the “Just Keep Swimming” collage, this cake will be a hot-favourite at your event. It’s topped with a colourful and 100% edible sugar sheet, which adds a fun touch for your event.
  1. Gingham Basket Weave Checkerboard Cake: This is an adorable cake that is sure to please everyone and satisfy taste-buds. It’s built with bright and beautiful colors and this gorgeous basket weave pattern makes a perfect centerpiece for almost any occasion. You can also make your own stylish decoration on this cake.

Careful thought and preparation goes into planning an event such as a baptism, birthday, wedding or any other event. Along with everything else, the cake that gets presented in the event will be the centre-piece so always make you pick the perfect cake for your next event.