Get Your Kids Yummy Nut-Free Cupcakes for Their After-School Hunger



Kids are always hungry after school. However, packing extra salty snacks or sweets isn’t a solution as they’ll get too full off junk and will end up spoiling their dinner. After your little ones get back from school, give them some healthy yet light snacks that’ll be filling but won’t affect their appetite for dinner. Nut free cupcakes are a great snacking option that you can give to your kids.

Nut-Free Cupcakes are Allergy-Friendly

Peanuts, wheat, tree nuts (almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, pine nuts, pistachios, pecans, macadamia nuts, and walnuts), sesame seeds, milk, soy, eggs, seafood and sulfites are the most common food allergens in Canada. There are strict guidelines in Canada that requires all products containing peanuts to be clearly mentioned on their labels.

However, if someone is allergic to peanuts, it doesn’t mean that he/she will be allergic to tree nuts as well. This is because peanuts belong to the legume family and tree nuts grow on trees. But a packaged can of tree nuts may also contain peanuts, so before using it in your food items, carefully read the label to stay safe.

If your kids are allergic to nuts, then they’ll enjoy eating nut-free cupcakes because they’re safe to eat. However, if you buy packaged nut-free cupcakes from the supermarket or you place an order at a store, always ask the manufacturer if the nut-free cupcakes are made in a nut-free facility. If it isn’t made in a nut-free facility, then there is the possibility of cross contamination and the cakes could be allergenic.

They’re Delicious!

Nut-free cupcakes are delicious. They are available in different flavours. Flavours range from vanilla, chocolate, coffee, red velvet, apple cinnamon, lemon, peaches and cream and lots more. You can easily find the one that your kids will like.

They’re Low on Calories

The good thing about these cupcakes is that they are filling yet low on calories. On an average, school-age children’s daily intake of calories range from 1,600 to 2,500. The calorie content in cupcakes is generally low, varying from a super healthy 50 calories to an average 585 calories, depending on the recipe. So, as a parent, you can be satisfied knowing that your kids will be having a healthy snack that won’t go over the daily calorie count for his/her age.

Now that you have known how nut-free cupcakes can be a delicious healthy snack for your kids after school, you can find a manufacturer that fits your needs. If you’re looking for nut-free cupcakes in Toronto, you can order from iCakes. We ensure that our nut-free cupcakes are completely safe to eat. Bon appetite!