Egg Substitutes to Use While Baking

If you are sensitive or allergic to egg, are on a vegan diet, or you just don’t have access to fresh eggs, you may need to look at an egg substitute. It’s easy finding one which suits your needs. Remember that the most important thing to consider is how the eggs are being used in the recipe.

Eggs are used for many reasons while baking. It can bind the recipe together, make it rise and provide moisture to your baked goods. Sometimes, you may need just the yolk or the whites and certain recipes don’t need eggs at all as long as the moisture is being substituted in some other way. Here are some substitutes for eggs you can use to pull off your gastronomic endeavours.

  • Banana

You can mash about half a banana (1/4 cup) and incorporate it into your baking. However, remember that this may result in your baked good having a mild banana flavour, which may even be a good thing in some cases. This is a great way to add moisture to the baked good while also working as a binding powder.

  • Applesauce

Incorporate ¼ cup of unsweetened applesauce instead of an egg into any baking recipe. A little baking powder (around ½ teaspoon) can also be added to it. However, if you only have sweetened applesauce, reducing the quantity of sugar advised in the recipe is a good idea. Many people also use applesauce as a healthier replacement for oil as well.

  • Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds can be used as an alternative to eggs, making any baked dish a healthy dish. All you have to do is mix 1 part of flax seeds in 3 parts of water until they’re completely absorbed and attain a viscous consistency. A tablespoon of flax seeds mixed in three tablespoons of water can be used to substitute 1 egg. Flax seeds can be used as a binding powder and provide a slightly nutty flavour to your baked products. The gelatinous texture of the flax seeds is great for binding the ingredients which also help give it a good texture.

  • Vegetable oil

Usually, 1 egg can be substituted by ¼ of a cup of vegetable oil while baking. However, if you have to use many eggs for any recipe, it’s best to use another substitute as too much oil can make the recipe too greasy and oily.

  • Starch

Certain starches such as potato starch, cornstarch and arrowroot are used as egg substitutes by many. This helps give your baked good a light texture with a tender crumb. Starches are amazing binders and also act as a kind of tenderizer making any baked good such as pastries, doughnuts or cakes have a delicate texture.

  • Tofu

Vegan bakers like using tofu as a substitute for eggs. Though not necessarily a requirement, ‘silken’ tofu is the most preferred option as it has a cream-cheese like texture making it easy to puree. With its excellent binding abilities, the naturally high content of moisture and neutral flavour, it’s a great substitute which will never leave you with a dry baked good.

Baking can be a challenge if you have intolerances and allergies to eggs as it’s one of the main ingredients used when baking. These are some creative alternatives to eggs that you can easily include in your recipes.