Celebrating Your Graduation Day with Sumptuous Graduation Cakes

A graduation day is always special. Whether it’s to mark your preschooler moving up to elementary school, your teenager finishing high school, or your adult kid completing college, all call for a grand celebration. As no celebration is complete without a cake, why not make the graduation party memorable with special graduation cakes?

Here are a few suggestions for ideal graduation cakes.

Graduation Cakes in Toronto

  1. Edible Image Cakes 

Cakes with edible images are an excellent choice for this occasion. No matter what flavour or shape you choose for the cake, edible images made of buttercream icing or fondant will add a personal touch.

When you order edible image cakes from a bakery, they’ll ensure that you get a high-quality customized product according to your instructions. Typically, photographs are first printed with edible colours on a layer of icing sheet. This sheet comes with a backing that is removed to put on to the frosting of the cake. Once the sheet is placed on the frosting, it melds well with it and can be easily cut. The icing sheet and inks are edible and approved by the FDA, so it’s completely safe to consume.

You can use edible images in the following simple ways –

  • Edible Images of Persons: For your young college graduate, you can have his/her image and the images of their graduating friends on the cake for when the party is thrown.
  • Edible Images of the School Logo: You can opt for a cake with edible images of a school logo. Personalize the cake with your own school emblem. Also, include the name and roll number on the cake to make it more theme-based.

For more ideas of graduation cakes with edible images for different age groups, check out Pinterest. 

  1. Tier Cakes 

Tier cakes are fun and fit all celebrations. If your guest list is lengthy, consider going for a multi-tier graduation cake. They’re available in various shapes and sizes. You can choose the colours of your school/college building or school uniform for the cake. An edible graduation cap with tassels made of fondant will be the perfect top of your multi-tier cake.

  1. Theme-Based Cupcakes 

If you’re fond of cupcakes, you can also find delicious graduation cupcakes for your occasion. Choose a flavour that your kid likes. On top of the frosting, a fondant graduation cap with tassles made of fruit roll-ups will provide your cupcakes with a personalized touch. Arrange the cupcakes in a tower and place it on the table as the centrepiece of the graduation party. Check out Pinterest for some simple graduation cupcake ideas. 

Completing any stage of education is a great achievement. Celebrate it and share the joy of accomplishment to make the day special for your loved ones. If you are looking for Graduation cakes in Toronto that are healthy and non-allergenic, then place your order at iCakes (Irresistible Cakes). We have nut free, lactose free and trans-fat free cakes for all occasions and special events.