Celebrating Your Child’s Birthday, without a Big Expensive Party

A kid’s birthday can be celebrated in numerous ways, which is a good thing as on average a party can cost you $400. And that’s not including gifts! Thankfully, a big expensive party isn’t necessary. Here are a few equally fun, but much cheaper alternatives to throwing a birthday party at home:

Out to the Movies

Probably the easiest way to treat your child and his/her friends to a birthday celebration is with an outing to the movies. New movies come out every week; so there are plenty of choices. Planning is also easy as movies are shown at set times, so just figure out what time would work best and send out the invitations. To make it special, don’t skimp on candy and popcorn!

Amusement Parks

SA trip to an amusement park can be a great way for your child to celebrate his/her birthday. Exciting rides, entertaining games, plenty of interesting food—are all elements that make an amusement park so much fun. There are also special events at some of the larger parks during certain seasons or months. Regularly check their websites to know what they are.


Bowling is another activity that is fun for a big group, while also being budget-friendly. Usually there are discount coupons for child parties that can be found in flyers or online.

Special Dinner

What can be more special than a dinner at his/her favorite restaurant with close family and friends? Depending on the restaurant, this can also be a budget-friendly alternative to a traditional birthday party at home. Most restaurants will sing a birthday song, and some will even offer a special gift or discount on the birthday cake. Just make sure to bring your own cake and you’ll be all set!

A kid’s birthday is important to him/her. It’s a chance to celebrate with his/her closest family and friends, as well as receive presents. We hope that you take our suggestions above to heart, and throw your child a birthday party to remember!