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Who will make your wedding cake? Home baker or established company?

Who will make your wedding cake? This is the million dollar question! Home baker or a established bakery- to whom you choose. Definitely home baker give you very less affordable price, bride and groom will be very happy. Even sometimes they get less than half price of wedding cake in compared to a establish company, but you have many risks work in this decision. First of all, home bakers are less experienced and you can not get quality product! They bake you cakes at the same oven where they bake Read more [...]

Communion, Confirmation and Baptism Cakes

Now a days very hard time to get a good bakery who can do very special custom cakes including communion cake, confirmation cake and Baptism cake! Edible cross, rosary, dove or Bishop hat should be edible. In the cake quality, many people not concentrate in this matter. Irresistible Cakes also do the custom cake topper, like God Bless Daniela, God Bless Anthony! Religious cake with cake topper from Irresistible Cakes People should taste the cake sample. Irresistible Cakes, iCakes always do Read more [...]

Egg Substitutes to Use While Baking

If you are sensitive or allergic to egg, are on a vegan diet, or you just don’t have access to fresh eggs, you may need to look at an egg substitute. It’s easy finding one which suits your needs. Remember that the most important thing to consider is how the eggs are being used in the recipe.

Eggs are used for many reasons while baking. It can bind the recipe together, make it rise and provide moisture to your baked goods. Sometimes, you may need just the yolk or the whites and certain recipes Read more [...]

7 Genius Baking Tips to Ensure Success

There’s a set of rules which must be followed accurately while baking. It’s considered to be a science in itself by many. If you’re following a great recipe, you’re halfway there already. Here are some brilliant baking tips which will answer some general questions and ensure your baking venture is a success.

The ingredients must be kept at a room temperature

Creaming butter is much easier when it’s been left at a room temperature. Also, eggs which have been kept out of the fridge Read more [...]

Secrets to Making Great Tasting Fondant

Fondant is one of the most versatile methods for decorating cake. It can be used to create flowers, cut-outs, objects and even figurines. However, fondant has never been famous for the great taste it provides. For many people, it’s simply a sugary shell which must be peeled off to get to the delicious buttercream. What many fail to realize is that it’s really easy to make it full of flavour. Here are some suggestions to make your fondant taste as good as your cake looks.

Essences and Extracts

This Read more [...]