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4 Exciting Cake Ideas for Your Gender Reveal Party

Image credits:   A gender reveal party is an amazing way to reveal and share the happy news of your baby’s sex with your family and friends. It’s a party idea that’s been trending over the last five years celebrated by parents who are expecting a baby. The couple asks their ultrasound technician to write the baby’s gender on a piece of paper and puts it in an envelope before handing it to them. The couple then Read more [...]

Get Your Kids Yummy Nut-Free Cupcakes for Their After-School Hunger

    Kids are always hungry after school. However, packing extra salty snacks or sweets isn’t a solution as they’ll get too full off junk and will end up spoiling their dinner. After your little ones get back from school, give them some healthy yet light snacks that’ll be filling but won’t affect their appetite for dinner. Nut free cupcakes are a great snacking option that you can give to your kids. Nut-Free Cupcakes are Allergy-Friendly Peanuts, wheat, tree nuts (almonds, Read more [...]

6 Fun Christmas Cupcakes for Kids

Christmas is time for fun and family. It is also a time for food and treats. While cookies and milk is what you leave for Santa, fun holiday cupcakes are for your kids. Here are a few cute ways to make your baked treats even more fun for your kids:- Reindeer Cupcakes Christmas isn’t complete without Santa, and Santa can’t deliver his gifts without his reindeer. On top of a chocolate frosted cupcake, place two white M&M’s for the eyes, black icing for the pupils, a Nilla wafer Read more [...]