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How to make Delicious Lactose Free Cake

Lactose free cake could be a variety of sweets after that's usually baked. In its oldest forms, cakes were modifications of slices of bread, however, cakes currently cowl a large vary of preparations which will be straightforward or elaborate, which share options with alternative desserts like pastries, meringues, custards, and pies. Lactose free Cakes are the ultimate celebratory cuisine. There are some ingredients for your cake that will help you: Lactose free cakes Ingredients: 175 grams Read more [...]

Creatively Using Your Leaf Piping Tip

Leaf piping tips can be used to create so much more besides just leaves on a cake or cupcake. With a bit of creativity, a piping tip can be converted into something a little more fun. The tip used for reference for this particular post is a 113. It’s a huge tip which is perfect for making big details which stand out. Leaves Though it’s the most obvious use, it still must be mentioned. This can be done by applying different pressures at various speeds and the type of icing used, different Read more [...]

4 Exciting Cake Ideas for Your Gender Reveal Party

Image credits:   A gender reveal party is an amazing way to reveal and share the happy news of your baby’s sex with your family and friends. It’s a party idea that’s been trending over the last five years celebrated by parents who are expecting a baby. The couple asks their ultrasound technician to write the baby’s gender on a piece of paper and puts it in an envelope before handing it to them. The couple then Read more [...]

8 Different Types of Sugars Bakers Need to Know About

Baking isn’t baking without sugar. It’s easily one of the most important ingredients when it comes to pastries, as it’s the reason for the sweet taste. It also works as yeast for baking bread and rolls. In earlier centuries, honey and fruit syrups were used as sweeteners, but now, different types of sugars are available to add variety. They are differentiated based on texture, flavour and tint. If you want to be a baking pro, then it’s best to know the differences between the baking Read more [...]

Unconventional Uses for Chocolate to Make You Love It Even More

Chocolate-  In today’s day and age, you would be hard pressed to come across someone who hasn’t tried it in some form or another. Since its humble beginnings, it has grown into a world-wide staple ingredient amongst pastry chefs creating decadent desserts, home bakers, and world-class chocolatiers.  Although undeniably delicious as food, chocolate has found its way to being used in some unconventional ways. Here are some of the more interesting uses for it today. Dental Benefits Read more [...]

Celebrating Your Child’s Birthday, without a Big Expensive Party

A kid’s birthday can be celebrated in numerous ways, which is a good thing as on average a party can cost you $400. And that’s not including gifts! Thankfully, a big expensive party isn’t necessary. Here are a few equally fun, but much cheaper alternatives to throwing a birthday party at home: Out to the Movies Probably the easiest way to treat your child and his/her friends to a birthday celebration is with an outing to the movies. New movies come out every week; so there are plenty Read more [...]