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5 Amazing Birthday Cakes for Your One Year Old

Congratulations on your little one soon to turn one! We’re sure it’s been an interesting year for both you. Such an incredible journey calls for a big celebration. When deciding on what to do for his/her first birthday party, the first thing on the list is the cake. Just like other momentous occasions like bridal showers and weddings, the cake is the most important part of your little one’s birthday. Here are 5 amazing cake idea to make your child’s first birthday memorable for everyone. Parisian Read more [...]

Celebrating Your Child’s Birthday, without a Big Expensive Party

A kid’s birthday can be celebrated in numerous ways, which is a good thing as on average a party can cost you $400. And that’s not including gifts! Thankfully, a big expensive party isn’t necessary. Here are a few equally fun, but much cheaper alternatives to throwing a birthday party at home: Out to the Movies Probably the easiest way to treat your child and his/her friends to a birthday celebration is with an outing to the movies. New movies come out every week; so there are plenty Read more [...]