A Few Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Cake for Your Special Day

Do you want to perfect the center piece of your ceremony? Yes, we are talking about your wedding cake. If so, here are salient points to consider.

Find an experienced wedding cake bakery

Finding an experienced wedding cake company is more important than it seems. Do not bestow your trust on a small bakery or a home-based company guided solely by promotions and discounts. There are high probabilities of getting disappointing results. Look for an experienced bakery that you can trust.

Some people have a wrong conception that big bakeries are always costly, but that’s not always the case. Due to high volume, such cake manufacturers can provide cakes at very affordable prices.

Visit showrooms to know prices

Nowadays, many brides prefer to search wedding cake styles on social media. Every bride has a budget though they don’t know the price of the cake they want. Here lies the need to visit a showroom where you can find over 150 designs to choose from. It is only when you get relevant information on wedding cakes that you can decide on a design you desire without any doubts in mind.

Try some flavors for free

Many times, people decide to order a particular flavor without knowing how it will taste; perhaps because of an alluring name. It isn’t always necessary, but you can taste a sample to be absolutely sure. You could change your option without hesitation and make sure it is “healthy” enough for the occasion. Today, people should be more health conscious, mainly because there are a lot more ingredients in food to worry about. Avoid bakeries that use poly saturated fat, like butter, cheese and margarine. Trusted wedding cake companies will always offer free cake samples.

Do not ignore allergy concern

According to a recent study, many Canadians are allergic to edible substances, especially nuts. Lactose intolerance is not as popular in Canada as nut allergy, but it is still increasing considerably. There is a high probability that a few of the customers are affected by nut allergy or lactose intolerance. You may need to consider this point before hasty ordering of a desired wedding cake.

Do not get persuaded to buy bigger size

Many wedding cake companies might push you to buy bigger sized cakes to increase their sale amount. It might sound that you are getting more quantity for less. However, this might exceed your budget. Avoid such persuasions and stick to the cake size you require.

Irresistible Cakes (iCakes) welcomes all to taste cake samples for free. We offer free sampling over weekends. You get acquainted with different flavors that you knew just by names or had viewed in social media only.  We provide cakes with affordable prices because of a high volume of production. You will not need to cross your estimate. You can buy a small or medium sized cake, and then buy an extra slab; this doesn’t cost you too much. See how much you save!