6 Gorgeous Wedding Cakes to Make You Go Gaga


Cakes have been exciting hungry guests since Romans’ times. There is a good reason for that—they are beautiful and they are delicious.

Weddings, birthdays, bridal showers, graduations or even just because its Friday. All it takes is some creativity and customization then you can have a cake to fit any occasion!

Our team at iCakes has been baking for over 50 years and in that time, we’ve learned a thing or two about making cakes that are both stylish and delicious.  Have a look at some of the wedding cakes we made during 2016 and let us know which cakes stun your eyes and excite your taste buds.

  • Cake 1 – Beauty

This one’s a naughty beauty for the modern bride who wishes to portray her style just through her cake. A black lace together with golden embellishments makes it perfect for the bride who wants to take it forward with the jewels on her side. A bold choice with a loving flower on the side to bring in the more mature side, beauty is for the woman whose beauty lies in her personality.

This three-tiered cake with three flowers on the body and lace at the base is a trend-setter.

  • Cake 2 – Elegant

Here’s an off-beat three-tiered cake with blue and golden garnishing. The first and third tiers are adorned with a chain of beads. The golden layer in the middle leads to the white base bearing a cute bow. Blue flowers and golden leaves come to consummate the enticement.

  • Cake 3 – Fantasia

Black velvet look comes to complete the stone-studded embellishments supported by layers of ruffled white flowers. Three grey flowers sit on the black velvet making the look all the more perfect for the bride who takes the adventurous way. Ideal for any wedding, this cake can have your guests talking for days.

  • Cake 4 – Goldy

Made out of edible gold and graced with lovely pink flowers at both ends of the golden layer, Goldy is the definition of what the modern bride’s world. There’s a golden lace at the end of the bottom layer. Golden hue flows into white in a smooth gradient as in ombre cakes. With all these attributes, this cake looks chic and bold.

  • Cake 5 – Superb Wedding Cake

Dotted with numerous colors and contrasting patterns, the superb wedding cake brings you blue, gold embellishments, white with golden ribbons and a huge white tier that is dotted with pink ruffles of rose petals. The blue layer is further adorned with beautiful flowers and gold buttons to for a more interesting look.

  • Cake 6 – Midnight Wedding Cake

The Midnight Wedding Cake is made from blue velvet and is pearl-studded all over.  A huge flower sits right in the middle rendering an out-from-a-dream look. With four tiers of blue beauty sitting right in the center of any wedding, this is all the guests will talk about.

All of these cakes can be customized in terms of size, decoration and flavor. We also bake fondant cakes, butter cream finish cakes and exquisite designer cakes. If you are looking to awe your audience with the latest in the section, we can also bake you the Naked Cake. Tell us what your eyes want to see and your taste buds want to relish; we will bake it with creativity.

This is not all, but you must be patient. We’ll unmask some more simple yet sensational wedding cakes in our next post. So check back soon!