6 Fun Christmas Cupcakes for Kids

Christmas is time for fun and family. It is also a time for food and treats. While cookies and milk is what you leave for Santa, fun holiday cupcakes are for your kids.

Here are a few cute ways to make your baked treats even more fun for your kids:-

  1. Reindeer Cupcakes

Christmas isn’t complete without Santa, and Santa can’t deliver his gifts without his reindeer. On top of a chocolate frosted cupcake, place two white M&M’s for the eyes, black icing for the pupils, a Nilla wafer for the mouth, and brown and red candies for the nose. Finally, use pretzels for the antlers. Just like that, you have a tasty holiday helper.

  1. Snowman Cupcakes

There are a few different ways to make your very own mini-Frostys. The key ingredient is marshmallows. With a few of these fluffy treats, the right recipe and some creativity, your children will their cupcakes come to life.

  1. Santa Hat Cupcakes

The Santa Hat is a popular symbol to represent the holidays and it can also make for a great cupcake decoration. You can make them by spreading a chocolate base on a cupcake. Use vanilla frosting to make the white base. Red coloured frosting spans the length of the hat. And finally, a round vanilla puff forms the tip to complete the shape.

  1. Santa Cupcakes

Why not have your cupcakes take on the appearance of the big guy himself? Like the snowman cupcakes, these treats can also be made in a variety of ways. No matter what style or recipe you choose however, they are sure to be a hit at your holiday parties!

  1. Christmas Tree Cupcake

The Christmas tree cupcake will bring you a cute option to get more ‘green’ on your dessert tray. These M&M sprinkled treats are an excellent pairing with cookies, milk and Santa cupcakes.

  1. Grinch Cupcakes

Colourful and grumpy-looking, these are a yummy must if you want to have a rocking Christmas party with the family. On a chocolate cupcake, add several layers of coloured frosting. Green frosting for the base, Nilla wafers to mark the eyes, red coloured cream for the pupils and black cream for the eyebrows. Use more coloured frosting to make the hat, the border and the puff on the top. The Grinch is a meany, but you won’t be when you make these for your kids to enjoy.

So for your family Christmas party, make a few of these fun holiday-themed cupcakes and watch your kids get even more excited about baked treats!

From all of us in iCakes, we wish you a Merry, and yummy, Christmas!