Elegant Wedding Cake

5 Tips to Choose Your Ideal Wedding Cake

Weddings take a massive amount of work and time to organize. There things that need doing, both small and big, which require attention for the special day to be absolutely perfect. A number of tasks are exciting, making the anticipation for the approaching day all the more enjoyable. Among these tasks is a special one, which is choosing your wedding cake. This is the time when you put away all your worries and prepare yourself to try out some outstanding taste samples. Here are a few tips to help you to make the decision faster when choosing the best cake for your wedding.

  1. Select the style of your cake

Elegant Wedding Cake


You may choose to get creative or use a traditional style for your cake. Your wedding cake may reflect a specific memory for your future spouse and you. You may even want to follow a theme which you’ve chosen for the special day. The choice of having a square, round or tiered cake is completely up to you. Look through various wedding websites and magazine to find some new ideas which you can incorporate into your wedding day.

  1. Think about the design

Matching the wedding cake to the overall theme and the colours used is a popular trend at weddings. However, if you’re looking to have a more conservative cake, you can have your cake lined with the colours which are being used at your wedding with additional details. The cake is essentially a blank canvas for your partner and you to show your creativity and reflect your personalities.

  1. Research local bakeries in your area

Ask your married friends about bakeries that they would recommend for your cake. Some good sources for reliable reviews are blogs where newlyweds share their complete experience and wedding websites. You can schedule a visit with a bakery that you’ve read reviews regarding or spoken to your friends about their recommendations. Just make sure the staff listens to your ideas and that you are comfortable with them. You can also ask to speak with the designer and discuss any specific ideas that you may have about your wedding cake. Some bakeries even offer consultation forms for you to fill out so their staff can get a better idea of exactly what you’re looking for.

  1. Choose the best flavour

Taste is equally as important as the design of your cake. If you choose to incorporate a fondant you must make sure it’s one which tastes amazing. The flavour of the cake can be one of a broad variety of choices. Some may love light, fluffy varieties while others may like rich chocolate. Make sure you discuss the flavours of your choice with the bakery in detail to avoid any confusion.

Jasmine Flavour

  1. Mistakes to avoid

Never wait until the last minute to order a cake for your big day. The decoration and customization take considerable effort and time. Thus, ensure you give at least a few weeks time for your baker to be able to plan and create your cake. Also, steer clear of taking suggestions from too many people as this will only result in creating confusion. You must choose the cake which you feel will best compliment your big day.

The wedding cake has always taken the top priority over all the food and desserts at any wedding. Hence it’s a great idea to dedicate a substantial amount of time while choosing the ideal cake for your wedding and place the order according to what appeals to you.