5 Baby Shower Cupcake Ideas to Celebrate Your New Bundle of Joy

A baby shower is the happiest events for a woman. Traditionally, baby shower parties are hosted or arranged by the best friend of the mother. Close friends of the new mother are invited to the party where she is applauded for her endurance and showered with gifts. Just like all happy events, a baby shower can be celebrated with special cakes known as baby shower cakes, desserts and other savouries.


While the baby shower cake is usually the centrepiece of the occasion, beautiful cupcakes can be a prized addition for your guests. Or, if you want to try something new to make your work easier and memorable, you can make baby shower cupcakes the centrepiece instead. Arrange the cupcakes in cupcake trees and place them on the table to create the focal point of your party. 


If you’re wondering what kind of cupcakes will fit the occasion, get some inspiration from these ideas below.

  1. Red Velvet Raspberry Cupcakes with Edible Pacifiers

These delicious raspberry cupcakes come with dollops of raspberry cream cheese frosting on the top. The sweet pink colour of the frosting makes it ideal to celebrate the birth of a baby girl. Topping it with a cute edible pacifier on each one can give a delightful look to the cupcakes.

  1. Lemon Cupcakes with Mini Cocktail Umbrellas

If you’re hosting your party outdoors during summer, the look and taste of these cupcakes will perfectly fit the celebratory mood. On top of the lemon buttercream frosting, add fondant babies under mini cocktail umbrellas to the top of each cupcake. For a baby boy, you can use blue water buttercream. For a baby girl, add pink food colouring to the buttercream to have a sweet pink colour frosting.

  1. Vanilla Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes with Baby Footprints

These yummy strawberry flavoured cupcakes are a great choice for your baby shower party. To make it visually appealing, go for a simple basic vanilla buttercream. Keep the frosting flat at the top. Place fondant baby footprints on the top of the frosting. Choose the footprint colour, blue for boy and pink for a girl.

  1. French Chocolate Cupcakes with Baby in a Bathtub

Chocolate is always a great choice. These simple chocolate cupcakes come with a chocolate buttercream frosting. Decorate them with a fondant baby in a bathtub. Keep the frosting simple vanilla French buttercream. You can use either red/pink or blue as the colour of the bathtub. You can also put on some cute polka dots to make it look like bubbles.

  1. French Marble Cupcakes with Cute Toppers

Marble cupcakes are a beautiful fusion of vanilla and chocolate. Pair these cupcakes with multicoloured toppers in the shape of feeding bottles, prams, baby faces, buttons, etc. They’re ideal for gender-neutral baby shower parties. Also, if the new mother is blessed with twins – a boy and a girl – these themed cupcakes would be an excellent fit.

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