4 Out of the Box Groom’s Cake Ideas

It’s a popular wedding custom that the bride gifts a cake to the groom. That cake is displayed next to the wedding cake. While wedding cakes have a feminine and formal touch, the concept of groom’s cake gained popularity as a way to introduce an informal and fun element to the occasion.

Traditionally, a groom’s cake was a liquor-soaked cake that was sliced and given to the guests. Over time, the tradition has evolved and today, a groom’s cake is a sole detail in a wedding that’s all about him and cut either on the wedding day or at the rehearsal dinner. It’s tailored to reflect his interests, personality and is made of his favourite cake flavour.

If you’re thinking of having a groom’s cake at your wedding, then here are some of our out-of-the-box ideas to inspire you.

  1. Sports Themed Cake

If the groom is into sports, then it would be an excellent idea to have a theme cake that reflects his favourite sport or that pays tribute to his favourite sports team. For example, if he is a soccer fan, a replica of his favourite soccer team’s jersey or a replica of the stadium can be some great cake design ideas. If he plays golf, a cake design resembling a 3 feet high golf bag with a monogram can make an exceptional treat. You can opt for a single flavour or a combination of layers of chocolate fudge, and red velvet.

  1. Career Themed Cake 

A career-themed cake is a good way to celebrate the service of the groom. Especially when the groom is a policeman, firefighter, military man, doctor or has a career related to public service, this cake theme will be a delightful addition to the occasion. The cake design can vary from the emblem of the army, a firefighter’s helmet or firefighting apparatus to a police van with uniformed figurines as cake toppers, etc.

  1. Travel Themed Cake 

For a travel-loving beau, cakes that represent their favourite getaways can be an awesome idea. For example, if your groom is an ocean-loving person, you can opt for a multi-tier cake design replicating the ocean with edible fish, surfboards, boats, and other nautical details. Another great idea is to have a cake design featuring travel guides for your honeymoon location, including his dream destinations. You may also focus on the exotic places he has already travelled to celebrate his love for travel. If he loves nature, transport him into the wilderness with cake designs of a forest replica or tree trunks made of decadent chocolate icing.

  1. Food Themed Cake 

Who doesn’t love food and there’s a saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If the groom is a foodie, there’s nothing better than gifting him a cake that looks like his favourite food. A delectable beer-soaked cake full of his favourite beer’s flavour or a replica of his favourite dish is a sure shot winner.

A groom’s cake is a quirky and delicious way to make your day special and memorable. Surprise your beau on the wedding day or at the rehearsal dinner and give him a moment to shine.  Check out for more fun groom’s cake ideas here.

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