4 Exciting Cake Ideas for Your Gender Reveal Party

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Image credits: https://bumpreveal.com/content/plan-gender-reveal-party/.


A gender reveal party is an amazing way to reveal and share the happy news of your baby’s sex with your family and friends. It’s a party idea that’s been trending over the last five years celebrated by parents who are expecting a baby.

The couple asks their ultrasound technician to write the baby’s gender on a piece of paper and puts it in an envelope before handing it to them. The couple then hands the envelope to a trusted baker who prepares a special gender reveal cake for the party. The inside of the cake contains either blue if it’s a boy or pink if it’s a girl, which is concealed with frosting. When the parents cut the cake to know the baby’s sex and the guests congratulate them. Sometimes, parents-to-be already know it and keep it a surprise for their guests.

If you’re planning to reveal your baby’s sex through this tradition, then we have some exciting ideas for you below.

  1. Confetti Cake with Candies

These delicious cakes are filled with blue or pink coloured candies, depending on the baby’s sex. The cake is kept simple, preferably a vanilla cake or any other flavour of your choice. In the middle of the cake, a hole is made and filled with specific coloured candies. In case you’re expecting opposite sex twins the baker will fill the cake with both blue and pink candies. After the filling is done, the cake is covered with frosting and sprinkles. When you cut the cake, the hidden candies come out, revealing if it’s a baby boy or a baby girl.

  1. Polka Dots Cake with Baby Shoes

This cute gender reveal cake comes with fondant baby shoes or sneakers in both blue and pink colours. The polka dots on the cake are also these colours. This kind of gender reveal cake increases the anticipation for all those present at the party, including the parents-to-be. After all, they’ve been waiting for this moment to know the secret. Using both colours on the top of the cake just adds to the excitement. The secret, however, is revealed only when you cut the cake.

  1. Onesie Shaped Cake

Shaped cakes are always fun and exciting! This cute cake shaped like a baby onesie is decorated with blue and pink fondant buttons and is a beautiful idea for this occasion. The inside of the cake has food colouring corresponding to the sex of the baby.

A cute message written on the shaped cake can make it even more exciting, such as –

  1. “Twinkle twinkle little star…How we wonder what you are”, or
  2. “Bowties or Bows? Nobody knows”, or
  • “He or She? Open to See”.
  1. Hidden Hearts Cupcakes

Want to try something different for this special event? Try these lovely cupcakes! They come with white, blue and pink frosting in a swirled pattern on the top of the cupcakes. Inside each cupcake, there is a heart at its centre that’s coloured according to the sex of the baby. When you and your guests bite into the cupcakes, you’ll all discover the secret together!

Gender reveal cakes are a beautiful way of revealing your baby’s sex and to celebrate the news. If you’re celebrating in Toronto, Scarborough, Mississauga or Brampton, order a customized cake from a reputed bakery for your special event. Get ready to hold your breath and slice the cake for the happiest news of your life!