5 Amazing Birthday Cakes for Your One Year Old

Congratulations on your little one soon to turn one! We’re sure it’s been an interesting year for both you. Such an incredible journey calls for a big celebration. When deciding on what to do for his/her first birthday party, the first thing on the list is the cake. Just like other momentous occasions like bridal showers and weddings, the cake is the most important part of your little one’s birthday. Here are 5 amazing cake idea to make your child’s first birthday memorable for everyone. Parisian Read more [...]

4 Out of the Box Groom’s Cake Ideas

It’s a popular wedding custom that the bride gifts a cake to the groom. That cake is displayed next to the wedding cake. While wedding cakes have a feminine and formal touch, the concept of groom’s cake gained popularity as a way to introduce an informal and fun element to the occasion. Traditionally, a groom’s cake was a liquor-soaked cake that was sliced and given to the guests. Over time, the tradition has evolved and today, a groom’s cake is a sole detail in a wedding that’s all Read more [...]

4 Thanksgiving Cake Ideas that Your Dear Ones Will Love

Thanksgiving Day was originally an occasion of religious and historical significance. The day was noted for giving thanks to God for the blessing of the harvest. The day is commemorated in family reunions and lavish harvest meals. In recent times, the celebration has had some changes both in spirit and the traditional dishes served. Thanksgiving cakes have found a place at the table! In this blog post, we’ll give you some amazing Thanksgiving cake design ideas to make the day memorable for you Read more [...]

4 Exciting Cake Ideas for Your Gender Reveal Party

Image credits: https://bumpreveal.com/content/plan-gender-reveal-party/.   A gender reveal party is an amazing way to reveal and share the happy news of your baby’s sex with your family and friends. It’s a party idea that’s been trending over the last five years celebrated by parents who are expecting a baby. The couple asks their ultrasound technician to write the baby’s gender on a piece of paper and puts it in an envelope before handing it to them. The couple then Read more [...]

Celebrating First Holy Communion with Delectable Cakes

A first Communion is a very important ceremony for Catholic families. The ceremony is performed in a Catholic church when a child accepts the Holy Eucharist (the bread and wine) for the first time. The ceremony is followed by a family gathering at home or another venue to celebrate this special day in the child’s life. Just like most celebrations, cakes are a requisite for commemorating this special occasion. If you’re thinking of getting unique and delicious Communion cakes for your little Read more [...]

4 Bridal Shower Cake Ideas to Make Your Celebration Special

A bridal shower is a celebratory gift-giving party in honour of a bride and organized in anticipation of the wedding. Traditionally, the hosts of a bridal shower are the maid of honour and bridesmaids of the bride-to-be. But these days, anyone who’s close to the bride, be it a family member or a friend, can throw a party for the bride.   The occasion usually involves fun activities, delicious food, desserts and confectioneries. However, a bridal shower is incomplete without a bridal Read more [...]