4 Exciting Cake Ideas for Your Gender Reveal Party

Image credits: https://bumpreveal.com/content/plan-gender-reveal-party/.   A gender reveal party is an amazing way to reveal and share the happy news of your baby’s sex with your family and friends. It’s a party idea that’s been trending over the last five years celebrated by parents who are expecting a baby. The couple asks their ultrasound technician to write the baby’s gender on a piece of paper and puts it in an envelope before handing it to them. The couple then Read more [...]

Celebrating First Holy Communion with Delectable Cakes

A first Communion is a very important ceremony for Catholic families. The ceremony is performed in a Catholic church when a child accepts the Holy Eucharist (the bread and wine) for the first time. The ceremony is followed by a family gathering at home or another venue to celebrate this special day in the child’s life. Just like most celebrations, cakes are a requisite for commemorating this special occasion. If you’re thinking of getting unique and delicious Communion cakes for your little Read more [...]

4 Bridal Shower Cake Ideas to Make Your Celebration Special

A bridal shower is a celebratory gift-giving party in honour of a bride and organized in anticipation of the wedding. Traditionally, the hosts of a bridal shower are the maid of honour and bridesmaids of the bride-to-be. But these days, anyone who’s close to the bride, be it a family member or a friend, can throw a party for the bride.   The occasion usually involves fun activities, delicious food, desserts and confectioneries. However, a bridal shower is incomplete without a bridal Read more [...]

5 Tips to Choose the Best Bakery for Your Wedding Cake

A wedding is a big deal. Not just for the bride and groom, but for the friends and family in attendance as well. It’s a celebration of the union of two people and two families. The wedding cake is an important element of this event. It needs to reflect the importance of the occasion. Finding the right one can be tricky though, especially as many of us aren’t experienced bakers. Your best option is shop around different bakeries, but which to choose? To help you find out if a bakery suits, here Read more [...]

Celebrating Your Graduation Day with Sumptuous Graduation Cakes

A graduation day is always special. Whether it’s to mark your preschooler moving up to elementary school, your teenager finishing high school, or your adult kid completing college, all call for a grand celebration. As no celebration is complete without a cake, why not make the graduation party memorable with special graduation cakes? Here are a few suggestions for ideal graduation cakes. Edible Image Cakes  Cakes with edible images are an excellent choice for this occasion. Read more [...]

5 Baby Shower Cupcake Ideas to Celebrate Your New Bundle of Joy

A baby shower is the happiest events for a woman. Traditionally, baby shower parties are hosted or arranged by the best friend of the mother. Close friends of the new mother are invited to the party where she is applauded for her endurance and showered with gifts. Just like all happy events, a baby shower can be celebrated with special cakes known as baby shower cakes, desserts and other savouries.   While the baby shower cake is usually the centrepiece of the occasion, beautiful cupcakes Read more [...]